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eCO2 GEL mask (10 packs/box)


eCO2 GEL mask was born from skin healing medicine development for diseases such as dermatitis. The goal was to make effective and safe use of “Carbon Dioxide Gas” technology for skin healing. Carbon Dioxide Gas generated inside a gel base can be effectively absorbed by the skin. It activates erythrocytes (*Bohr effect) to supply more oxygen to dermal cells and therefore activates cell metabolism. Natural biological functions of the skin can be maximized and all kinds of skin problems can be settled at cellular level

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Cosmetic Effect:
– Skin brightening
– Skin texture refining
– Face and body slimming
– Suppression of acne development
– Lifting-up of saggy cheek/upper arm
– Reduce the redness of face after Laser/IPL/peeling or MTS treatment

Product Origin: Japan

Volume: 10packs/box


* Bohr effect
Transdermally absorbed CO2 penetrates erythrocyte, and reacts with H2O with catalysis of carbonic anhydrase to generate HCO3-, which lowers the pH inside the erythrocyte.
Inside the erythrocyte, the lower the pH is, the more oxygen is released from oxyhemoglobin. This is called Bohr-effect.


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